A string quartet gets a visit from a saxophone in Berlin

The Vogler Quartet will perform at Konzerthaus on October 14. They will be joined by saxophonist Christoph Enzel.

Goethe once defined string quartets as “four rational people conversing with each other”. Since 1993, our guests have had the pleasure of listening to the varied conversations of the Vogler Quartet several times each season.

  • Franz Schubert – Streichquartettsatz c-Moll D 703
  • Antonín Dvořák – Streichquartett Nr. 8 E-Dur op. 80
  • Adolf Busch – Quintett für Altsaxophon und Streichquartett op. 34

Get tickets here.

We have selected recordings of the programme below:

Schubert – Quartettsatz in C minor D 703

Antonín Dvořák – String Quartet No. 8 in E major op. 80

Adolf Busch – Quintet for alto saxophone and string quartet op. 34


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